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After the Nov. 2, 2004 Election

Position of WheresThePaper.org

Observation of ballots and vote counting by all parties prevents fraud. Secrecy enables fraud to take place. If we can't openly prove or disprove that our elections are honest, then our elections are a sham.

Table of Contents

Orange Alert!
News, Dec. 26-Jan. 1 1. What to do now
News, Dec. 19-25 2. Small Vote Manipulations Can Swing Elections
News, Dec. 12-18 3. Best News Sources
News, Dec. 7 Hearings, etc. 4. Humor
News, Dec. 5-11 5. Quotes, Buttons
News, Nov. 28 - Dec. 4 6. Fascism, Tutorial

November News is now on a separate page. November Table of Contents:
1. November News 7. Conspiracy
2. Ohio 8. People Who Should Know Better
3. Florida 9. Where is the Democratic Party?
4. Maryland 10. Laws, Counts, Recounts, Error Reports
5. New Hampshire 11. Before Nov. 2, Observers Guidelines
6. Ukraine 12. Before Nov. 2, News

News, Dec. 26-Jan. 1

Lynn Landes' movement to ban voting machines.

Daily News From VotersUnite.org (you can subscribe to this news service directly by emailing to them. Please forward this daily news summary to your local press, elected officials, and election officials.)
News of Dec. 27
News of Dec. 26

News, Dec. 19-25

New video suggests voting firm Triad sought to thwart recount of paper ballots The Blue Lemur, Dec. 23, 2004.

Kerry to Enter Ohio Recount Fray By William Rivers Pitt, truthout, Dec. 23, 2004.

Daily Update from the Cobb-LaMarche folks in Ohio

Ohio electoral fight becomes 'biggest deal since Selma' as GOP stonewalls by Bob Fitrakis, Steve Rosenfeld and Harvey Wasserman, The Free Press, Dec. 22, 2004.
COLUMBUS -- As Republican officials stonewall subpoenas and subvert the recount process, Rev. Jesse Jackson has pronounced Ohio's vote fraud fiasco "the biggest deal since Selma" and has called for a national rally at "the scene of the crime" in Columbus January 3.
Another major national demonstration will follow in Washington on January 6, as Congress evaluates the Electoral College. Should at least one US Representative and one Senator challenge the electors' votes, a Constitutional crisis could ensue.

WISH TV has been reporting election news in Indiana. Part Two: Will Your Vote Count?

Default Settings in Mahoning County Richard Hayes Phillips, Ph.D., December 20, 2004. The Ohio Recount: Reluctant Officials and Few Rules by Ann Harrison, Counterpunch, Dec. 8, 2004. The Coalition [in Ohio] received 37,862 reports of election irregularities, including 2,112 incidents concerning voting machines. The two major machine errors involved voters who selected Kerry on an electronic touch screen and saw their vote change to Bush on a summary screen. The second was a specific problem with the Sequoia AVC Edge machine where voters saw preselected default choices presented to them. According to EFF and VFF, counties where the most serious problems were reported include Mahoning and Franklin County in Ohio, Broward and Palm Beach Counties Broward and Palm Beach in Florida, in Florida, Mercer and Philadelphia County in Pennsylvania, Harris County in Texas and Bernalillo County in New Mexico.

Overview of Electoral College Procedure and the Role of Congress, Congressional Committee on House Administration, Nov. 17, 2000.

Constitutional Law and Federal Procedure for Congressional Challenge of Presidential Electors Prepared by Mark H. Levine, counsel forDemocrats.com.

Petitions for election integrity, recount, revote, etc.

Urge members of Congress to Contest the Ohio election of Nov. 2

Electors across US break traditional pro forma ritual to use electoral college to protest election Dec. 18, 2004. Massachusetts Coalition against Election Fraud accomplished having some Electoral College Electors submit a unanimous Motion calling for a complete investigation of this presidential election. We are now working on having United States senators join a group of United States Representatives in not certifying the electoral College vote on January 6.

Orange Alert! scheduled for Noon-12:30PM, Wed. Dec. 22. This is a do-it-yourself action where you go out with friends, wear orange ribbons or clothing, and hand out leaflets or carry signs and inform passersby. Remember that most Americans are ignorant of the struggles in Ohio and elsewhere for recounts or examination of election records.

Ohio Recount Stirs Trouble By Kim Zetter, Dec. 20, 2004. Here's one more sad story showing that e-voting means privatization of elections, and then no one outside of those companies knows what's going on. "Sherole Eaton, a Democrat and the deputy director of elections for Hocking County ... said that [the technician's] office visit wasn't out of the ordinary since Triad "ran" the county's primary and general elections this year. 'A lot of the (election) boards hire the company that (makes) their program to come in on election night and do all of the computer work and run the tabulators and do that type of thing,' Eaton said. 'We pay them for that.'"

Statement made on Dec. 20, 2004 by Teresa Hommel before the Election Law Committee of the New York State Assembly.

Daily News From VotersUnite.org (you can subscribe to this news service directly by emailing to them. Please forward this daily news summary to your local press, elected officials, and election officials.)
News of Dec. 23
News of Dec. 22
News of Dec. 21
News of Dec. 20
News of Dec. 19

Voting Rights Groups 'Block' Talk of Machine-Free Elections by Lynn Landes, Dec. 20, 2004.

News, Dec. 12-18

Judge Blocks Washington State Ballot Count By The Associated Press, The New York Times, Dec. 18, 2004.

More Uncounted Ballots Found in Wash. State Amid Recount of Roller-Coaster Governor's Race The Associated Press, Dec. 17, 2004.

Transcript and video. Clint Curtis' "show stopper" testimony causes "gasps" at hearing. Clinton Curtis—Play Testimony December 13, 2004
video of testimony.

To Be Blunt, Missouri 's Election Reeks of Conflicts of Interest and Warrants a Recount Dec. 13, 2004. OpEd News. Matthew Fox.

The Battle for America, short video by Max Skolnik.

Rep. John Conyers and Judiciary Democrats. Includes documents from Dec. 13 hearing in Ohio, Dec. 8 Forum in Washington.

http://www.house.gov/judiciary_democrats/ohblackwellrespfollowup121404.pdf -- Judiciary Dems to Blackwell Dec 14: "I was also looking forward to your filling "in the gaps" between what the Government Accountability Office is assessing and what we are investigating. I am sure you are aware that the Comptroller General has indicated that the GAO is "not authorized to engage in enforcement efforts relating to specific allegations of voting irregularities.'" In contrast, our letter contained a number of very specific allegations of such irregularities, which we are currently investigating, along with additional troubling information we have received since our letters to you. . . . Your refusal to answer the 36 questions we posed to you is unfortunate and part of a pattern of decisions that have worked to obstruct and stonewall a search for the truth about Ohio voting irregularities. If these allegations are as obviously baseless as you have claimed, it would seem that you could perform a public service by dispelling them. The voters deserve no less."

http://www.house.gov/judiciary_democrats/ohblackwellresp121404.pdf -- Blackwell response to Judiciary Dems Dec 14: "In general, I have the utmost confidence in the integrity of the bipartisan elections. We are resolved to bring to light any issues of substance that may be necessary to investigate through the officials designated with this responsibility. We are ready to eliminate the myths that may be circulating of unfair or discriminatory treatment of qualified Ohio electors at the polls. . . . However, I strongly believe that Congress has already designated the Government Accountability Office and the Department of Justice to review election activities and empowered them with the authority to thoroughly investigate any matters brought forward by Ohio citizens. My office continues to be available to participate as needed in that process."

http://www.house.gov/judiciary_democrats/ohblackwellfollowupltr12304.pdf -- Judiciary Dems follow up Dec 3
http://www.house.gov/judiciary_democrats/ohblackwellltr12204.pdf -- Judiciary Dems request for answers Dec 2

http://www.house.gov/judiciary_democrats/mitofskyelecfollowltr121404.pdf -- Judiciary Dems follow up to Mitofsky Dec 14: "I am sorry, too, that you have decided not to share with the Judiciary Committee the raw data from exit polls that was gathered by Mitofsky International and Edison Media Research. I intend to further pursue that data because exit poll projections do not square with official results. It is important that the Committee be able to review that data to determine whether voting irregularities affected election results."

http://www.house.gov/judiciary_democrats/mitofskyelecinforesp12704.pdf -- Mitofsky response Dec 7: " . . . you also request that I release the 'raw data' from the exit polls that Mitofsky International and Edison Media Research conducted for our client news organizations. The data are proprietary information gathered and held for the benefit of those news organizations, and I am not at liberty to release them." http://www.house.gov/judiciary_democrats/mitofskyelecinfoltr12304.pdf -- Judiciary Dems request to Mitofsky for raw exit poll data Dec 3: "I am writing to ask you to help clear up many of the rumors and disputes surrounding the 2004 Presidential election exit polls by releasing the 'raw data' from your exit polls and by testifying at a hearing we will be holding . . . As you are well aware, many questions have been raised regarding the discrepancy between the early exit polls conducted by the National Election Pool and the final results of the election."

http://www.house.gov/judiciary_democrats/voteforum2.html -- statements from Judiciary Dems December 13 forum in Ohio

http://www.auditthevote.org/ -- status of various recounts and what to do.

Ohio vote count battles escalate amidst new evidence of potential criminal activity>/a> by Bob Fitrakis, Steve Rosenfeld and Harvey Wasserman, The Free Press, Dec. 18, 2004. Documents filed in Ohio courts (scroll down for the links). Tax deductible contributions to support the litigation may be made on-line by going to www.FREEPRESS.org and clicking on their paypall link. Green Party's Cobb Says Kerry Is Thwarting Recount The Raw Story/John Byrne, Dec. 17, 2004. In an exclusive interview with RAW STORY Friday, the Green Party’s presidential candidate David Cobb lashed out at Sen. John Kerry, saying he Democratic nominee has tried to “undermine,” “delegitimize” and “minimize” the Ohio recount.
Was the Ohio recount compromised by computer technician?

Affidavit of Douglas Jones in the Ohio Triad matter.

Populex accessible voting system with voter-verified paper ballots was certified on Dec. 16, 2004.

EAC to Determine Fate of California's HAVA Funding Dec. 16, 2004. Under Secretary of State Kevin Shelley, California has been a leader in requiring verifiable elections.

King County board moves to verify 573 ballots, Republican Party likely to sue to stop process. By Neil Modie, Seattle Post-Intelligencer Reporter, Dec. 16, 2004.

Statement of Support for Bev Harris of BlackBoxVoting.org

American democracy hangs by a thread in Ohio by Bob Fitrakis, Steve Rosenfeld and Harvey Wasserman. Dec. 15, 2004.

Ohio Voters Refile Election Challenge By Andrew Welsh-Huggins, Associated Press Writer, Dec. 18, 2004. Columbus, Ohio - Voters who claim problems with Ohio voting machines Nov. 2 indicated fraud refiled a request with the Ohio Supreme Court on Friday [Dec. 17] to overturn the presidential results. The 37 voters cite reports of machine errors, double-counting of some ballots and a shortage of voting machines in predominantly minority precincts as reasons to throw out the election results.


This is the time to contact Republicans.

The Greene County Lockdown By William Rivers Pitt, truthout, Dec. 13 2004.

Daily News From VotersUnite.org (you can subscribe to this news service directly by emailing to them. Please forward this daily news summary to your local press, elected officials, and election officials.)
News of Dec. 18
News of Dec. 17
News of Dec. 16
News of Dec. 15
News of Dec. 14
News of Dec. 13
News of Dec. 12
News of Dec. 11

Shattering The Myth: An Initial Snapshot of Voter Disenfranchisement in the 2004 Elections, Special Report from People For the American Way, NAACP, and Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law. December, 2004.

VOTER BILL OF RIGHTS WhereThePaper.org regrets that we do not believe that non-partisan election administration is possible, and urges all organizations to work for bipartisan or multipartisan administration of elections.

Why Ohio Matters by TocqueDeville, Dec. 14, 2004.

News, Dec. 7 Hearings, etc.

http://holt.house.gov/display2.cfm?id=1071&type=Home. Rep. Rush Holt at December 7 "Report to the Nation" on the 2004 election.

http://www.commoncause.org/site/pp.asp?c=dkLNK1MQIwG&b=186966. Common Cause posting re: December 7 "Report to the Nation."

C-Span -- recorded it; link not yet available.

http://www.truthout.org/docs_04/printer_120904W.shtml From Selma to Ohio: A Report from the Conyers Hearing, by William Rivers Pitt, December 8, 2004.

http://www.truthout.org/cblog.shtml William Rivers Pitt blog re: Conyers forum.

http://www.house.gov/judiciary_democrats/voteforum.html Statements entered into record during Conyers forum.

C-span coverage of Conyers forum.

http://www.pacifica.org/ Pacifica Radio coverage of Conyers forum.

http://www.democrats.org/news/200412060007.html DNC to investigate Ohio election.

International observer reports on the election:

http://www.fairelection.us/fairelectionreport.pdf Report on 2004 election from Global Exchange/ Fair Elections international election observer team.

http://www.osce.org/documents/odihr/2004/11/3779_en.pdf Preliminary report on 2004 election from Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe re: OSCE monitoring.

News, Dec. 5-11

The Need for Transparent, Accountable and Verifiable U.S. Elections By Kim Alexander, President, California Voter Foundation Presented at "A Framework for Understanding Electronic Voting" meeting, The National Academies’ Computer Science and Telecommunications Board December 9, 2004, SRI International, Menlo Park, California.

Ohio Lockdown of voting records, Dec. 10, 2004.

Statistician says Ohio vote went to Kerry

Rallies and demonstrations are occurring daily. The list is growing hourly. Please check the list at http://fairnessbybeckerman.blogspot.com/. Locations include: Columbus Ohio, Seattle Washington, San Francisco CA, Delaware County Ohio, Washington DC, White Plains NY, Chicago IL, Denver CO, New York NY, Kansas City MO, Tallahasse FL, Phoenix AZ, Austin TX, Montgomery AL, Sacramento CA, Boston MA, All State Capitals.

Conyers to Hold Hearings on Ohio Vote Fraud, Dec. 8 in Washington DC.
Please call free to the U.S. capitol switchboard (1-800-839-5276), ask for your Representative, and request that they attend this hearing. Then do the same for each of your two US Senators.
Please contact the television network C-SPAN and ask them to broadcast the event in its entirety. C-SPAN accepts suggestions for events to be broadcast at events@c-span.org. The network can also be contacted via telephone at their main number (202) 737-3220 or at Viewer Services: (765) 464-3080 (for programming questions)

You can still send an email to Kerry and urge him to fight for a recount in Ohio. Or call the DNC.

News, Nov. 28-Dec. 4

House Democrats' 15-page letter to Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, Dec. 2, 2004.

400 Demand Recount at Ohio Statehouse

Democrats will finance manual recount of votes in close race for Wash. governor, and Touch-screen votes give county a daunting task

NO MORE MOORE, The DLC joins the witch-hunt. By Matt Taibbi, New York Press, Vol 17, Issue 48, December 1-7, 2004.

Battlefield Earth By Bill Moyers, AlterNet. Posted December 4, 2004. Narrating Through The Non-Fiction By Larry Beinhart, BuzzFlash. Posted December 3, 2004. Ascent of a Woman By Greg Sargent, The American Prospect. Posted December 2, 2004.

Vote Count Protests Blast Media Silence By J. Douglas Allen-Taylor, Berkeley Daily Planet, Dec. 3, 2004.

House Democrats' 15-page letter to Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, Dec. 2, 2004.

The Election in Ohio ... and in Ukraine, Institute for Public Accuracy, December 2, 2004.

Cobb Expands Recount To Nevada, New Mexico November 30, 2004. Bush Wins New Mexico by 5,988 Votes AP, Nov. 24, 2004.

How The Bush Gang Stole Its Third National Election in a Row By William Hare, 11/29/04.

Votergate: More details emerge By Wayne Madsen, Online Journal Contributing Writer, Dec. 1, 2004.

In Ohio 2004, it's the People versus the Party of Hate & Terror and the Party of Duck and Run...but will the Democrats now stand and fight? by Harvey Wasserman & Bob Fitrakis, The Free Press, Dec. 1, 2004.

Conyers to Hold Hearings on Ohio Vote Fraud By William Rivers Pitt, truthout Dec. 3, 2004.

Oklahoma vote counts change after publication. Tulsa World on Oklahoma Vote Totals: We Have No Idea Commentary, Nov. 30, 2004, by Mark Faulk

How To Take Back A Stolen Election Published Monday, November 29, 2004 by CommonDreams.org by Thom Hartmann.

1. What to do Now

Urge members of Congress to Contest the Ohio election of Nov. 2

This is the time to contact Republicans.

Contribute to the recount in Ohio at this crucial time before the Electoral College meets. The Cobb group is turning up evidence of widespread vote fraud. Posted Dec. 15, 2004. Also, tax deductible contributions to support the litigation may be made on-line by going to www.FREEPRESS.org and clicking on their paypall link.

Freedom Fighters in Ohio Call for Help Contact the media to cover to the Ohio recount effort! Call the editor, call radio programs, etc. Get us into the news!

http://www.auditthevote.org/ -- status of various recounts and what to do.

Suggestion -- boycott Diebold ATM machines. If the fee per use is $1.00, and you use the ATM twice a month, this will save you $24 per year, and could cost your bank a lot, which may discourage them from doing business with Diebold. -- from Abbe Waldman DeLozier.

Orange Alert! -- Suggestion from a member of Virginians for Verified Voting.


US Voting Integrity Project

Documents: Voting System Test Lab Omitted Test for Tamperability

CaseOhio. http://www.caseohio.info/

Subscribe to the once-a-day email from www.votersunite.org that summarizes and documents the day's election-related news. Send an email to jgideon@votersunite.org

11/27 -- NEVADA -- urgent request from Patricia Axelrod. Background info: Nevada Lawsuit filed, Nov. 18, 1004.

OHIO -- The Cobb-LaMarche Campaign Website has up-to-date info on Ohio, and what to do there. Nov. 30 Press Release concerning John Kerry's Intervention in Ohio Recount Court Case.

Actions from November 2 Truth

11/27 -- WASHINGTON STATE -- Margin Now Just 42 Votes in Washington State Race. . By Sarah Kershaw, The New York Times, Nov. 25, 2004. Some background, to the best of the knowledge of www.wheresthepaper.org: In violation of state regulations, Secretary of State Sam Reed(R) provided emergency provisional certification for ES&S software and for the Diebold models used in King county for a total of 6 counties (mainly the most populous counties). This software was untested and uncertified. Both Kitsap and Pierce counties have voted for only democratic governors since 1980. Why the sudden switch? One factor may be that both counties used ES&S op-scan readers with uncertified software. Well over 70% of voters in Washington state used absentee ballots tallied by ES&S's software. Rossi was virtually unknown before the election, and Gregoire is well known and well liked. Go to the King County Journal, and vote in their PulsePoll to support a recount by hand.

NATIONAL -- Media Lockdown! Pressure the media to cover election irregularities!. Call the media and demand coverage of election irregularities on Nov. 2, the struggles in Ohio, Florida, and other states to verify election outcomes, and the resistance of state and local governments to allow verification. Moonshine Moment.

NATIONAL -- People's Email Network . Should the 2004 election results be challenged now on the basis of black box voting fraud? You can send an email to the Kerry campaign, the Democratic National Committee (DNC), and the Government Accountability Office (GAO).

Action Alerts--updated daily. from http://stolenelection2004.com/index.html.

Take Immediate Action, Nov. 11, 2004

After Nov. 2 -- What you can do NOW

2. Small Vote Manipulations Can Swing Elections

Four Yale students show that altering only a single vote per machine would have changed the electoral college outcome of the 2000 election. Changing only two votes/machine would have flipped the results for four states.

This is why, if computers are used in elections, we must require 100% accurate recounts of each computer. Otherwise, an insider or technician can control the outcome by switching a few votes per machine. Elections in the USA are not expected to be 100% "perfect" and few people would be suspicious if a "surprise random recount" shows that the computers were wrong by a few votes. What are the implications for state such as New York?

DiFranco et al, " Small Vote Manipulations Can Swing Elections," Communications of the ACM, Vol. 47, Issue 10, October 2004, pages 43-45. Copyright ACM, posted by permission. PDF file may require Adobe Acrobat 6.0. If you cannot read it, please email to us (see Contact Us page).
ACM Portal to the article
Abstract of the article.

3. Best News Sources

VotersUnite.org - Problems on Nov. 2 sorted by category, with documentation, from VotersUnite.org

Daily News From VotersUnite.org - subscribe by emailing to them. Then please forward their summary to your local press, elected officials, and election officials.

A Stolen Election?

For an email clipping service of newspaper articles on voting machine and election issues from around the country, get on the e-mail list of resist@best.com by sending them an email request. Their web site http://radtimes.blogspot.com/ is not as up to date.

The Cobb-LaMarche Campaign Website has up-to-date info on Ohio.

Citizens for Legitimate Government

Election Law Blog

The Blue Lemur

4. Humor

How I Stole Your Election by George W. Bush* by Evan Ravitz.

Curing Electile Dysfunction by swamibe. Nov. 24, 2004

5. Quotes, Buttons


As nightfall does not come all at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in such twilight that we all must be aware of change in the air however slight, lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness.
--- Justice William O. Douglas

Some need warning, some need proof.
--- Proverbs 3:33

6. Fascism, Tutorial

Living Under Fascism, a sermon by Davidson Loehr First UU Church of Austin, Nov. 7, 2004.

Fascism Anyone? by Laurence W. Britt, Free Inquiry magazine, Volume 23, Number 2, Spring 2003.

Benito Mussolini: What is Fascism, 1932 from the Modern History Sourcebook.

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