Support Sen. Bob Graham's

Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act

S 1980


Oppose Sen. Hillary Clinton's "RECORD Act"

(Restore Elector Confidence in Our Representative Democracy)

S 2313



--RECORD does not require "voter-verified paper ballots" from all electronic voting machines in November, 2004, nor the use of paper ballots that can be counted by optical scanner or by hand.


--RECORD delegates all authority to the Election Assistance Commission to grant waivers to states if they claim it is "technologically impossible to comply" with the requirement for voter-verified paper ballots from electronic voting machines, or use of paper ballots.


--RECORD encourages delay-tactics! The closer it gets to November, the less time states will have to attach new printers to electronic voting machines that don't have them (or reconfigure the printers that are already built-in so they can print voter-verified paper ballots). If states delay long enough, it will be impossible to install or reconfigure printers, or prepare paper ballots. RECORD does not set clear requirements or time-frames for what must be done to ensure election integrity.


RECORD is sponsored by Senators Barbara Boxer [CA], Hillary Clinton [NY], Mark Dayton [MN], Ernest Hollings [SC], James Jeffords [VT], Frank Lautenberg [NJ], Patrick Leahy [VT], Blanche Lincoln [AR], Bill Nelsonl [FL], and Charles Schumer [NY].


Call your two Senators in Congress, 1-800-839-5276. Ask them to co-sponsor Senator Bob Graham's "Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act", bill number S 1980, which would require a voter-verified paper ballot for all voters in November, 2004.  If a Senator is a co-sponsor of RECORD, ask him/her to withdraw co-sponsorship, or eliminate its state exemption, or make clear that it applies only to lever machines.


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contact: Teresa Hommel,   7/19/04