September 10, 2007


Co-Executive Directors Peter S. Kosinski and Stanley L. Zalen

Commissioners and Co-Chairs Neil W. Kelleher and Douglas A. Kellner

Commissioners Evelyn J. Aquila and Helena Moses Donohue

New York State Board of Elections

40 Steuben Street

Albany, New York 12207


RE: Section 6210.19 -- Minimum Number of Voting Machines -- 550 voters per DRE


Dear Members of the State Board of Elections:


I urge you to set the maximum number of registered voters to be assigned per electronic voting machine (“DRE”) to no more than 200.


Other jurisdictions assign significantly fewer than 550 registered voters per DRE, but they still have experienced long waiting lines. New York needs to give voters enough time to vote on DREs so we will be able to verify the paper trail that our state law requires.  www.nyvv.org/newdoc/StateTimingData.pdf


Long wait times would disenfranchise many New Yorkers. With 550 registered voters per DRE and only 50% turnout, the average wait time could be 51 to 71 minutes during peak voting hours.  www.wheresthepaper.org/PeakHoursWaitTimeReport.pdf


New Yorkers for Verified Voting has concluded that if more than 200 registered voters are assigned per DRE, the voters will have to wait for an unreasonable length of time.


Sincerely yours,