Urgent call to FAX Congressional Reps and House Admin Ctte on election reform fast tracking

Immediate and urgent action required to stop the Congressional push for a new federally mandated electoral train wreck. The Democratic majority in Congress is pushing complex, expensive, and unfunded legislation under the flag of election reform, but they are severely misguided in their support of HR 811, also known as the Holt Bill. Contact your Congressional Reps and the members of the House Administration Committee (listed below) TODAY and tell them to stop pushing passage of this bill.

HR 811 contains many dangerous provisions that, if implemented, will subvert our democratic processes and our ability to have citizen oversight over our elections:

The House Administration (full committee) is planning to markup Rep. Holt's Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act of 2007 (HR. 811) on Thursday, March 29th at 10am.

Address your faxes of opposition to the House Administration and fax them today so they can be inserted in the Record. The fax numbers for the committee are listed below.

Members of the Committee on House Administration

Democrats Fax Number 202-225-7664

Republicans Fax Number 202-225-9957

Please try to send concise bulleted statements. Focus on:


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