Unilect Patriot Decertification in PA


Following are various links to the reports on the Pennsylvania State website pertaining to their decertification of the Unilect Patriot voting machines.


Report by the examiner:



May 6, 2005, decertification verdict from the state:



Earlier decertification:



I am encouraging folks to read all 3 of these documents as they are revealing about not only those particular machines, but the certification process in general.  I am alluded to in the reports as one of the "invited members of the public" (I attended the first review). Videotapes of the event are also available through the office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth (for a nominal fee).  Note that although the Patriots are not (for now) allowed in PA, they are still being used in other states.


With thanks to Sheila Green for initiating this in Pennsylvania, and Joyce McCloy for keeping after it in North Carolina.


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Dr. Rebecca Mercuri

May, 2005