Honorable Eliot Spitzer

Governor of New York

Executive Chamber

Albany NY 12224


Dear Governor Spitzer:



I urge you to actively work for a statewide voting system based on paper ballots and precinct- based optical scanners, called PBOS, for New York State.

Governor Crist of Florida is the most recent prominent state official to move to a state-wide system based on PBOS, after serious failures in the computerized voting systems in use in several counties there.

I donít trust electronic voting machines to count my vote. With computerized voting machines, no one can observe, understand, or attest to the proper storage, handling, or counting of ballots and votes, because all that is hidden inside the computer.

Elections should be as simple and low-tech as possible. With paper ballots counted on scanners, the only part of the procedure that is done by a computer is counting.So if there is any question as to the machine count, we always have the paper ballots that were marked by us, the voters.

Not only is PBOS the best system, it also costs a lot less.

Please lead our state toward a statewide system based on paper ballots counted on precinct-based scanners.


Sincerely yours,