Robie Wiesner


Testimony before Board of Elections in New York City, November 21, 2006.


Thank you for holding this hearing and giving the public a chance to express their feelings.


Commissioners, as a representative of The Bronx Nation Discussion Group, I am urging you to select paper ballots and optical scanners.My main concern is the integrity of the machines we vote on.


Electronic voting technology is dangerous.It gives one person the power to shift votes in every machine in an entire state in a matter of seconds.A study by four Yale students showed that if only one vote is shifted per machine in a statewide race, the outcome of many races can be changed.†† Letís avoid the problems that have plagued other states that rushed into e-voting a few years ago and are now considering going back to paper ballots.We can avoid lost electronic votes, incorrect tabulating results, votes that jump on the touchscreen from one candidate to another and just plain computer crashes.


Precinct-based optical scanning systems have been used for over 20 years and are proven dependable.And they cost much less to purchase and use.The choice is clear Ė we hope that you, the Commissioners of our New York City Board of Elections, agree.