Re: new voting machines



Dear ----[name]----



On behalf of ----[organization]---- I am sending you our resolution in support of paper ballots and optical scanners for New York Cityís new voting machines. We urge the New York City Board of Elections to select PBOS machines for our future elections.


We donít want to turn our votes over to companies who make electronic voting systems, whose loyalty is to profit-making rather than to our democracy.


We do not believe that New York will be able to use computers in elections without the same problems of insecurity, unmanageability, and lack of voter trust that other jurisdictions have had.


Paper ballots can be handled securely if there is the political will to do so. Paper ballots can be guarded by people without high technical skills, if we want secure elections.Paper ballots will enable us to avoid the invisible, undetectable tampering that computers allow.