Bronx-Westchester Nation Discussion Group


Resolution in support of "PBOS" voting technology (Paper Ballots and Optical Scanners

with Accessible Ballot-Marking devices for voters with disabilities and minority languages)

as the new voting technology for New York State and New York City.




Observable, easily-verified public elections are the foundation of our democracy, and


Our county Boards of Elections will soon choose new voting systems to replace our mechanical lever machines, and


Public confidence would be strengthened by the use of paper ballots which are marked directly by voters, but would be lowered by the use of electronic voting systems because electronic ballots cannot be witnessed by voters or observers, and


Precinct-based optical scanners and accessible ballot-marking devices are reliable, secure, easy to use, and enable non-technical election observers to ensure the integrity of our elections, and


Optical scanners have been successfully used nationwide for over thirty years, and are currently used in more jurisdictions than any other voting technology, and


Bi-partisan public employees can perform all work related to the conduct of elections if we use PBOS, so that our elections will not be turned over to vendors of electronic voting systems, and


PBOS will be much less expensive for purchase and use than electronic voting systems, and


PBOS provides the advantages of quick election-day results and accessibility without the risks associated with electronic voting, and


Other jurisdictions' use of electronic voting systems has resulted in election irregularities, lawsuits, lower voter confidence, and


The September, 2005, report from the U. S. Government Accountability Office has verified the problems with electronic voting and this report has resulted in bi-partisan concern in Congress,




We urge the New York State Board of Elections to certify precinct-based optical scan voting systems for purchase by county Boards of Elections throughout New York State, and


We urge the Board of Elections in the City of New York to select PBOS as the new voting technology for the City of New York, and


We resolve to send this resolution to our Republican and Democratic County Leaders, our Republican and Democratic Election Commissioners, and the Co-Executive Directors and Commissioners of the New York State Board of Elections.