Poughkeepsie Journal

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Letters to the editor


Journal snubs forum on election fraud


On June 1, 400 people attended a forum to hear evidence that the last four elections had been massively manipulated and that the presidential elections had indeed been stolen.


One of the panelists, BBC investigative journalist Greg Palast, who has been reporting on the successful and deliberate tactics employed to disenfranchise millions of would-be Democratic voters in the last few elections, revealed breaking news. Karl Rove's protege, Tim Griffin, one of the main engineers of the campaign to disenfranchise largely black voters (who vote predominantly Democratic) resigned suddenly from his "new replacement" as U.S. attorney in Arkansas. Palast connected the dots between the U.S. attorney firings/Gonzales scandal/campaign to disenfranchise millions of Americans.


As if such breaking news delivered in the Hudson Valley wasn't considered deserving enough of the Journal's coverage, the forum also heard from New York State Board of Elections Commissioner Douglas Kellner about the challenge confronting New York, the only state that has yet to decide on a new voting system. Every other state has switched to some form of privatized electronic voting equipment and have experienced massive breakdowns and fraud on a level never before possible. New Yorkers need this critical information before the Legislature permits the same anti-American secret vote counting by private corporations to become the law in the state. It's hard to imagine what part of this the Poughkeepsie Journal didn't deem newsworthy enough to report on.


Andi Novick, Rhinebeck

Northeastern Citizens for Responsible Media.