Action Alert –Pilot Plans in Your County



NYVV and the NY State League of Women Voters have written twice to the NY State Board of Elections about the inadequacies in the published Pilot Plan for the deployment of uncertified scanners this Fall. 
You can see our most recent joint letter here:
Voters must act locally, monitoring plans for the pilot and urging election commissioners to audit the machine results with hand counted ballots than that required by the State Board. Here's what you can do:

Look up your contact information for your county here:

Help us keep tabs on local pilot plans around the state by letting us know what you find out. Email us at

We worked hard for paper ballots, ballot markers, and scanners. We want voters to have every assurance that the uncertified scanners are working properly!
Links and problems with the Pilot plan can be found in Bo Lipari's "Comments on the New York State Board of Election Proposed Pilot Plan":