The 14 Primaries Using Paperless Electronic Voting


The following states will vote on paperless voting systems in the 2008 Presidential primaries. Presented in the order of the primary calendar


South Carolina - January 19 (Republican primary) and January 20 (Democratic). South Carolina is paperless statewide.

Florida January 29. Florida will use only optically scanned paper ballots in the November election, but counties are in various stages of transition.


Arkansas February 5 (some counties paperless)


Delaware February 5 (paperless statewide)


Georgia February 5 (paperless statewide)


Kansas February 5 (Democratic) and February 9 (Republican). Multiple counties paperless.


New Jersey February 5. New Jersey has passed legislation to require a voter-verified paper record, but new equipment will not be in place in time for the primary. Most counties will vote on paperless machines. New Jersey is paperless statewide.


Tennessee February 5 (most counties paperless)


Louisiana - February 9 (paperless statewide).


Maryland February 12. Maryland has passed legislation to abandon touch screen voting in favor of optically scanned paper ballots by 2010. Maryland is paperless statewide.


Virginia February 12 (most counties paperless)


Texas March 4 (some counties paperless)


Pennsylvania April 1 (Democratic) and April 23 (Republican) (most counties paperless)


Kentucky May 20 (paperless statewide)






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