Fined: Bilal, Luciano, Dickens

by Azi Paybarah Published: November 8, 2007


The city’s Campaign Finance Board announced fines today for three local City Council camapigns.


Charles Bilal, an unsuccessful City Council candidate in Queens, was fined $14,650, including $10,000 for “fraud and/or misrepresentation.” He was also fined for having “$35,000 in non-campaign related expenditures.”


Felipe Luciano, an unsuccessful City Council candidate in Manhattan, was fined $51,690. Most of it, $48,190, was for “exceeding the expenditure limit by $19,276” [name fixed].


And Inez Dickens, who won her 2005 City Council race in Manhattan, was fined $2,657, mostly for filing a financial statement 13 days late.