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Documents pertaining to a new or revised BID scheduled to open on 11/19/2007 have been posted to the website shown below.


Bid Number:   21231


Bid Opening Date:   11/19/2007


Group Number: 22300 - Voting Systems and Related Services And Ballot Marking Or Other Voting Devices Accessible To Individuals With Disabilities


Bid Synopsis/Other Information:

*Bid Solicitation Updates*

{10/30/07-Additional Information For Bid Submissions of Itemized Price Lists}


Class Code(s) for this Bid:

    43 - Communications and Computer Equipment and Peripherals and


Components and Supplies

    44 - Office Equipment and Accessories and Supplies

    45 - Printing and Photographic and Audio and Visual Equipment and Supplies

    46 - Defense and Law Enforcement and Security and Safety Equipment and Supplies



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