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NYVV Newsletter # 2, January 31, 2007



Secrets of Voting Machine Testing Exposed!

New York forces the dark world of voting machine testing into the open

Pressured by the public and by the NY State BOE, CIBER finally released the Election Assistance Commission's (EAC) report detailing why they were denied accredition. The report exposes in damning detail what voting integrity activists have been saying for years – testing labs have operated in a closed loop system with the voting machine vendors and have used the lack of independent oversight to give us the disaster that is our nation's voting machine testing process ...more on this on Bo's Blog

NYVV Submits Voting Machine Estimate To State

If New York State adopts new voting machines a critical question that must be correctly answered is – how many voters can be served by each voting machine?

If insufficient numbers of voting machines are available to cope with voter turnout during the peak voting times of the early morning and evening, voters will be condemned to waiting hours in long lines, causing many voters who are unable to wait to leave without voting.

A study commissioned by the State Board of Elections and carried out by the American Institute of Research (AIR) unfortunately does not address this critical question. The State Board has called for public comment on the AIR study and proposals for determining an adequate number of voting systems.

New Yorkers for Verified Voting has submitted a proposal to the New York State Board estimating the number of new voting machines that will be required in New York’s polling places. Based on an NYVV analysis using computer simulations and the mathematics of queuing theory, our calculations indicate that 1 DRE can handle, at a maximum, only 200 registered voters. By comparison, a single precinct based ballot scanner, with sufficient numbers of inexpensive marking booths, can serve up to 4000 registered voters.

Since the full face ballot DREs available to New York State cost more than $8,000 each while marking booths for a scanner system cost less than $200, the acquisition cost for DRE systems will be much greater than for scanners if long lines at the polls and voter disenfranchisement are to be avoided.

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Events around the State

Sunday, February 4th and 11th at 8am, 2pm and 8 pm on PANDA public access channel 23 ( Red Hook, NY). Appearing on the shows will be documentary film maker Robert Millman, producer and director of "Bought and Sold, Electronic Voting in New York." The February 4th program includes an interview with Mr. Millman who explains how he researched this important issue along with a 10 minute preview of his documentary. The full 45 minute documentary will be shown on the February 11th show.

NYVV in the Media

Interview with Bo Lipari on WBAI (Wake-up Call.) You can listen to the interview on the WBAI archive.

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