The "Nash-ional" conference audiotapes


Our first five audiotapes are now posted on-line. These files cover the first three hours of the conference. These postings are new and not properly labeled on-line yet. Here are the first five links:


But after you download the files, this is the temporal order that the presentations on these files occurred (according to their file labels):


File #504 -- Pre-conference press conference. This file is the first portion of the pre-conference press conference, where speakers gave a brief overview and preview of their presentations.


File #506 -- Opening plenary session. This file includes the presentations of Dr. Charles Kimbrough, Rev. Sonnye Dixon and Dr. Michael Grant, interspersed with acapella singing of three civil rights era anthems by a trio of high school friends.


File #507 -- First part of the Ohio panel. This file contains presentations by Cliff Arnebeck, Richard Reinhoel and Dr. R.H. Phillips.


File #505 -- Second part of Ohio panel. This file contains presentations by Joanne Rousch, Bernie Windham and Cliff Arnebeck


File#507 (other states) -- This file contains presentations on investigations in New Mexico, Florida, Georgia and North Carolina.