NYVV Comments on NYS Audit Regs



New Yorkers for Verified Voting has submitted comments to the State Board of Elections on the proposed New York State election auditing regulations.


NYVV's comments can be downloaded here http://www.nyvv.org/newdoc/2009/NYVV-AuditCmts-072509.pdf .


One of the key benefits of New York State's new voting systems is the ability to audit paper ballots as an independent verification of machine reported results. NYVV has long advocated for risk-limiting audits designed to use resources efficiently and effectively to confirm - and, if necessary, to correct - election outcomes.


But the proposed New York State auditing regulations need several improvements in order to move towards this important goal. NYVV's commentary recommends that the proposed regulations be revised to provide that:


        There be a full manual count in contests with margins of decision under 1%.

        Rules for expanding audits be applied contest-wide to all affected counties.

        The State Board of Elections, as well as county boards and courts, retain the authority to order additional manual counts when warranted.

        Expanded audits be allowed to sample by machine/Election District pairings rather than individual machines.

        Candidates be allowed to select specific Election Districts to be audited.

        Public observation of audits is guaranteed by allowing non-partisan observers to be present at audits and by providing webcasts of the proceedings.


Wanda Warren Berry

Director, New Yorkers for Verified Voting