Hearing, January 23, 2007
New York City Board of Elections
65 speakers -- 60 of them supported Paper Ballots/Optical Scanners
Commissioners and Audience

We were ready!

Photo Credit Rick Schwab, Brooklyn NY
Used by permission.

More photos -- We Testified for PBOS!

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1. Commissioners and staff

2. Commissioners and staff

3. Commissioners and staff

4. Crowd with David Kogelman

5. Crowd with Celia Wu

6. Crowd with Marcia Ostwind

7. Crowd with Deanna Roth

8. Crowd with Pearl Reeves and Annemarie Mayer

9. Crowd with Sherry Rogers

10. Crowd with Neal Rosenstein

11. Crowd with Teresa Hommel

More photos -- We Testified for PBOS!