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Conny B. McCormack




12/95 - Present

REGISTRAR-RECORDER/COUNTY CLERK (RR/CC), Los Angeles Co. CA – Head of Present Department with three major functions. As Registrar of Voters, responsible for conducting elections for the largest electoral jurisdiction in the U.S. with approximately 4 million registered voters and 5,000 voting precincts. Conducts federal, state and county elections and, via contract, conducts or supports local elections for 88 cities, 100 school districts and 149 special districts. As Recorder/County Clerk, responsible for recording up to 3 million property documents each year; maintaining birth, death and marriage records and issuing up to 700,000 copies of same upon request; issuing 60,000 marriage licenses; and filing 100,000 business names and other statutory oaths and filings annually. Only the Social Security Administration and the Pentagon maintain more records than the 200+ million that are on file at the RR/CC. Manages $120 million annual budget; full time staff of 1,000 with 500+ temporary employees at peak periods.


11/94 -12/95

ELECTION CONSULTANT, International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES), Moscow, Russia – Consultant to the Russian Central Electoral Commission (CEC). Advised CEC on election technology/modernizing ballot tabulation process, election laws and training materials for poll workers.


6/87 - 11/94

REGISTRAR OF VOTERS, San Diego County, CA – Responsible for voter registration and election management for l.3 million registered voters.


7/81 - 5/87

ELECTIONS ADMINISTRATOR, Dallas County, TX – Responsible for voter registration and election management for 750,000 registered voters.


6/78 - 6/81

DIRECTOR, JURY SERVICES DEPARTMENT, Dallas County, TX – Responsible for jury management for Dallas County’s 67 state and county courts.


9/80 - 6/81

ADJUNCT PROFESSOR, University of Texas at Dallas, Dallas, TX . Instructor: American Political System. Course concentration: electoral behavior, demographic characteristics of voters, role of political parties.


6/77 - 7/78

ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT TO VICE-MAYOR, Atlanta City Council, Atlanta, GA. Researched city policy issues, speechwriting; drafting resolutions and city ordinances.




Penn State University (Journalism); Virginia Polytechnic University (Political Science), B.A.; University of Miami (Politics and Public Affairs), M.A.; Emory University (Political Science) Ph.D. studies (ABD)




Short-term international assignments as elections consultant or member of election observation team in Nigeria (2004), Indonesia (2001), Yemen (1997), Russia (1995), Mexico (2002/1994), and Armenia (1991).


Member, Election Center ’s National Task Force on Election Reform (2001 and 2005).


President, California Association of Clerks and Election Officials, 2004 – 2006


The Commonwealth Club ( San Francisco ) – member, Voices of Reform Steering Committee, 2004 – present


Commissioner, The Speaker’s Commission on California ’s Initiative Process, 2000 – 2001

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