Materials List – Why Minorities Benefit from Paper Ballots/Optical Scanners



1. Photos - PBOS pollsite

2. Basic info

    a. Overview of political process -

    b. New voting machines for NY -

3. Big problems

    a. Long voter wait lines -

    b. High cost, initial and recurring -

    c. Privatization of public elections – PEF Resolution..

    d. Targetted disenfranchisement of minorities

            (1) Wrong Time for an E-vote Glitch - Evidence that minority ballots can be handled

      “differently" –

            (2) New Mexico – 2 DREs accounted for 8% Hispanic and Native American undervotes


(3) New Mexico undervote rate plummets after switch from DREs to paper ballots


            (4) Parallel Testing Program, Findings (lost votes on Spanish ballots, pages 24-27)


4. Computers - as "trustworthy” as the people who make and use them

    FBI Computer Crime Survey of 2005 – 87% had “security incidents,” 64% lost money

    (the incident was not trivial), and 44% had intrusions from within their organization.

5. Voting Machine Industry – a record of failure

    a. E-Voting Failures in Nov 2006 -

    b. Watchdog Group finds 100,000 errors in one election in one county

    c. ES&S - the Midas Touch in Reverse -

6. Accessibility

    The most accessible equipment now and for the foreseeable future is PBOS -- Noel Runyan,

    “Improving Access to Voting” Report on technology for accessible voting systems -

7. Voters with non-English languages in NYC

    English Proficiency and the Eligible Voter Pool, Population Division of the NYC

    Department of City Planning (warning, the file is almost 2 MB)

8. Editorial Endorsements

9. Optical scanners can be diagnosed and fixed when they malfunction

10. Where to start

    a. Take a position

        Resolutions passed by NY organizations -

    b. Tell everyone, and subscribe to email news sources to keep informed


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