Materials List – Briefing




1. Photos

    a. PBOS pollsite -

    b. PBOS vs VVPAT -


2. Basic info

    a. Overview of political process -

    b. New voting machines for NY -

    c. Keep Electronic Voting out of NY State! What’s Bad, What’s Good


3. Big problems

    a. Long voter wait lines -

    b. High cost, initial and recurring -

    c. Privatization of public elections – PEF Resolution..

    d. Targetted disenfranchisement of minorities

(1)   Electronic Voting: New High-Tech Ways to Disenfranchise African-Americans

(2)  HAVA and HR811 – Voting Machines’ Impact on Minority Communities

(3) Wrong Time for an E-vote Glitch - Evidence that minority ballots can be handled

      “differently" –

            (4) New Mexico – 2 DREs accounted for 8% Hispanic and Native American undervotes


(5) New Mexico undervote rate plummets after switch from DREs to paper ballots


            (6) Parallel Testing Program, Findings (lost votes on Spanish ballots, pages 24-27)


            (7) PRLDEF statement.


            (8) Coalition of Black Trade Unionists resolution, May 19, 2007.


            (9) English Proficiency and the Eligible Voter Pool, NYC Dept. of City Planning



4. Trust? Computers are as "trustworthy” as the people who make and use them

    a. FBI Computer Crime Survey of 2005 – 87% had “security incidents,” 64% lost money

        (the incident was not trivial), and 44% had intrusions from within their organization.

    b. CA Secy of State Bowen, Press Release

    c. CA Secy of State Bowen, Overview of Red Team Reports

    d. EAC Interim Accreditation, Independent Test Authorities, Assessment Report, CIBER &


    e. Election Fraud in America: The Problem is Secret Procedures and Lack of Observers

    f. Resolution 228-A, New York City Council, Aug. 16, 2006


5. Voting Machine Industry – a record of failure

    a. E-Voting Failures in Nov 2006 -

    b. Watchdog Group finds 100,000 errors in one election in one county

    c. ES&S - the Midas Touch in Reverse -


6. Accessibility

    a. The most accessible equipment now and for the foreseeable future is PBOS -- Noel Runyan,

        “Improving Access to Voting” Report on technology for accessible voting systems -

    b. Blind and Disabled Voter Advocates call for immediate ban of DREs, March 14, 2007


7. Irresponsible Vendors

    a. New York State Office of the State Comptroller, Bulletin No. G-221,

       Vendor Responsibility: Standards, Procedures and Documentation Requirements

    b. Voting System Companies Fail to Meet NY State’s Requirements for “Responsible 

        Contractors” -

    c. Abstract Memo I, The Voting Vendors Scheduled for Certification Testing Are Ineligible to

        Contract with New York State  -

    d. Abstract Memo II, Alternative Voting Systems That Are HAVA-compliant, NYS-compliant

        and Democracy-compliant


8. Editorial Endorsements


9. Optical scanners can be diagnosed and fixed when they malfunction


10. Where to start

a. Learn the issue – subscribe to the Daily Voting News (email to jgideon at

b. Take a position

    c. Invite speakers to local groups

    d. Voice your concern to your party and all elected officials

    e. Join local activists – send an email to admin at for help finding your local group


11. Longer briefing:

Choose PBOS, not DREs,


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