Marjorie Gersten


Statement to the New York City Council

Governmental Operations Committee

Technology in Government Committee

Joint Hearing, January 29, 2007


Urging Passage of Resolution 131


It is very frustrating for ordinary citizens who read about the failures and scandals in other states to watch as New York State follows in the same path.


It must be frustrating for you also, if like us, you read the Daily Voting News from and the Election Integrity News from, and see the endless problems other states and counties have been having with electronic voting equipment: cost overruns, errors and malfunctions, lost votes, and lost confidence that votes count.


I urge you to pass Resolution 131 to urge our New York City Board of Elections to choose paper ballots, optical scanners and accessible ballot marking devices. This kind of equipment involves less reliance on technology because there is a first-hand record of each voterís intent. They conceal the least of what needs to be properly observable by ordinary non-technical citizens.

Thank you.