November 21, 2006


To the Commissioners of the New York City Board of Elections:


These darned electronic voting machines are a fad that I simply cannot understand.


They are expensive and everybody's always complaining that there is no money for worthwhile enterprises (for example--the minimum wage and health care). So why is there money for this? There is nothing wrong with our good old "pull the lever" war horses.


In all my years of voting in New York City, I have never feared that my vote would not be counted or could "go missing". I have heard horror stories about touch screen machines in other states. Two years ago, having a paper trail was thought to be the solution. Now everyone knows we absolutely must have something better than a paper trail. We need paper ballots marked directly by voters. That is the only feasible democratic alternative for voters and believable elections.  Each and every person must know that her or his vote is cast as intended and counted as intended.


Sincerely yours,


Leathea Vanadore

Registered Voter