Wanda Warren Berry’s Summary of main points from interview of Douglas A. Kellner, Co-Chair of NY State Board of Elections (SBOE), “Voice of the Voters” on Jan. 9, 2007.


                        - two different versions of the AutoMARK,

                        - Dominion-Sequoia “Image Cast,”

                        - Avante DRE and

                        - Liberty DRE


WWB concluding remarks: It seems clear that for counties that choose the paper ballot scanner system, the choice of a BMD in the next few weeks will determine the scanners to replace the levers. We think the versions of the AutoMARK are different for the ES&S scanner and for the Premier/Diebold scanner.  The “Image Cast” BMD is tied to the Dominion-Sequoia scanner.


It seems less and less likely that the SBOE will refuse certification to machines for replacing the levers if a great deal of our HAVA funds already have been spent on them.