Grayson Co. to apply for new countywide voting system



Posted: 6:24 PM Jul 27, 2009

Last Updated: 6:24 PM Jul 27, 2009

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- Another controversial topic on the Grayson County Commissioners' agenda Monday morning was polling locations.


Commissioners voted to apply for a new countywide polling system that would allow voters to cast their ballots anywhere in Grayson County, but the county would have to cut polling locations by about 35% in the first year.


The debate appears to be split down party lines. Republicans support the new computer-run system, saying it will save money and make voting more convenient. But Democrats argue it will make it harder for people with disabilities, minorities and the elderly to vote because polling locations will be fewer and farther away.


"As an African American, I believe this program disappropriates and misappropriates the impact on minorities voting in Grayson County and the Voting Rights Act," Grayson County Democrat Party Chair Robert Shannon said to commissioners Monday morning.


If the county is approved for the polling change, they will then look into purchasing over 35 laptops to run the program.



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