Joyce Blum

Testimony to the Committees on

Governmental Operations

Technology in Government

New York City Council

January 29, 2007


Thank you for holding this hearing.


My name is Joyce Blum. I live in Putnam County. I have been active in election integrity work in my county. My reason for submitting testimony to you is that the New York City decision on voting equipment will have a major influence on my county and the rest of New York state.

The use of computers in voting shuts out ordinary non-technical citizens from participation. It is not enough to tell American citizens that we must vote, and then conceal our own ballots from us inside computers. Many of us work with computers and are familiar on a daily basis with their vulnerabilities.

I urge the Governmental Operations Committee of the New York City Council to pass Resolution 131 in favor of paper ballots and optical scanners, if we have to replace the mechanical lever machines.

I urge you to show leadership, to voice the concerns of the people, to voice your own concerns as citizens of this city and this country. No one should be silent when such an important decision has to be made, especially considering the irregularities that have plagued other jurisdictions which have made the wrong decision and invested in electronic voting machines.


Citizens who are knowledgeable on the issue have, almost without exception, taken a position against electronic voting.  


Resolution 131 will have great influence on the elected officials and commissioners in the counties in the Hudson Valley. Please bring the resolution to a vote.


Thank you.