Jane E. Colvin

January 29, 2007


Thank you for holding this hearing. My name is Jane Colvin and I am a member of the League of Women Voters and a registered voter in Manhattan.


I am here to urge you to pass Resolution 131 out of committee for a vote by the city Council. It is appropriate for this body to urge our City Board of Elections to select Paper Ballots and Optical Scanner machines, not DREs.


I went to the voting machine demonstrations in Queens and the Bronx in November, 2006, and listened carefully.


The demonstrations were impressive; the DRE voting machines, however, were not.


Compared to the DRE system, the PBOS system is:


I believe that others will address the issues of ease of use and accuracy. I would like to emphasize the advantageous economics of the PBOS system.


On a strictly economic basis the PBOS system is a low-cost winner. Financially, it 


The PBOS system is economical in another important respect:


I urge you to examine cost information from the web site www.ncvoter.net. Their report entitled Operating Cost Comparison for Different Types of Voting Systems provides a comparison of total annual expenditures for touch screens and optical scanners in North Carolina, demonstrating the economy of the PBOS system from a state that has experience with both kinds of voting equipment.


Thank you for your attention.