Committee on House Administration

Press Releases:: February 16, 2007


Committee on House Administration Opens Historic Meeting with Ambitious Agenda


By J.R. Crump


Chairwoman Juanita Millender-McDonald


(Washington, DC) For the first time in the 60-year history of the Committee on House Administration (CHA), a woman sounded the gavel that opened the first meeting today.  Chairwoman Juanita Millender-McDonald, (D-CA) called the meeting to order acknowledging the Committee Staff who presented her with her new gavel.  “My staff has included a card that reads, ‘With a grand and graceful gesture, the Chairwoman lowered the gavel calling the meeting to order.’ I appreciate this very kind gesture. Thank you so much,” she said.


The Chairwoman then yielded the floor to the former Chairman, Vernon Ehlers, who noted the historic nature of the meeting, and commented on the strides the committee had made under his leadership.  He also pledged cooperation with the current Chair.  After his remarks, the Chairwoman appointed Representative Bob Brady to serve as Vice Chair.


The Committee consists of six Democrats and three Republicans.  The Chairwoman introduced the Democratic Members: Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren (CA), Congressman Charles Gonzalez (TX); and Congresswoman Susan Davis (CA).  She also acknowledged in their absence Congressman Robert Brady (PA) and Congressman Michael Capuano (MA).  The Republican Members are: Congressman Vernon Ehlers (MI) who served as Ranking Member, Congressman Daniel Lungren (CA), and Congressman Kevin McCarthy (CA).  She opened the discussion by offering the Ranking Member an opportunity to speak.


The next item of business was the adoption of the CHA rules for the 110th Congress.  “Members will notice that the only significant change in the rules is the creation of two subcommittees.  We are a small Committee, so for the 110th Congress we are proposing two subcommittees, each of which will be active during the entire Congress,” said Millender-McDonald.   She named Members to the subcommittees on Capitol Security and Elections.


By so doing, the Chairwoman noted the importance of the creation of the two subcommittees.  The primary responsibility of the Capitol Security subcommittee will be to maintain safety and security.   The Chairwoman stated that the Elections subcommittee will work to see that Americans are confident that elections are conducted in a free and fair manner, and everyone feels certain their votes are counted.


Noting that there were no objections to the establishment of the two subcommittees, The Chairwoman stated the rules were adopted and would be printed in the Congressional Record.  She appointed Rep. Bob Grady as Chair of the Capitol Security Committee and Rep. Zoe Lofton as Chair of the Elections Subcommittee.


The Committee having taken care of the business for which it was assembled, the group adjourned.