New York Elections

The Insider View


Who runs elections for us?

What do they do?

Where are you in this picture?

What will happen in 2008?


Richard Wagner tells it like it is!

For 33 years Richard Wagner worked for the Board of Elections

in the City of New York and was President of CWA Local 1183,

the union representing all Board employees.


Moderator     Teresa Hommel

Chair, Task Force on Election Integrity, Community Church of NY

DATE:            Saturday, Jan. 5, 2008

TIME:              3-5 PM

PLACE:         Community Church of NY, 40 East 35 Street, Manhattan

Between Park and Madison Aves. Closest subway:  6 train to 33 Street


EXTRA--Don’t Miss It! One performance only!! A dramatic reading of parts of the Transcript* of the 12/20/07 Federal Court session—

U.S.A.  versus  N.Y. State Board of Elections!

Directed and Acted by Dan Jacoby

    “I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry! As soon as I read the transcript I applied to go to law 

     school! My country needs me!  My country needs all the help it can get!”



Donations Accepted. 

Beverage and snacks will be served.

Hosted by the Task Force on Election Integrity, Community Church of NY

RSVP if possible, Connie Dondore 212-777-5533