New Yorkers Donít Want

Electronic Voting

and NY state canít afford it!



Call State Sen. John Flanagan, 631-361-2154. Urge him to introduce & pass a Scan and Be Sure law, companion to A6503, to require paper ballots & precinct-based optical scanners.*



New Yorkers donít trust electronic voting! But our legislature is about to

n      allow NY to switch to evoting without meaningful security procedures,

n      hand our elections over to vendors of evoting equipment,

n      conceal 97% of ballot counting

n      spend money we donít have -- for equipment we donít want!

NYVV.orgís cost study showed that the federal money NY can get will NOT cover the purchase Ė nor the increased continuing costs -- of evoting.** And when the evote warrantees run out in 5 years, and the equipment has to be replaced? Weíll spend more!

†††† Electronic voting†† $230,473,000

†††† Optical Scan††††††††† $114,423,640

†††† SAVINGS from Optical Scan$116,049,360


THE 5 MOST IMPORTANT CALLS (or email or write):

Your own State Senator and Assemblyperson

Look them up:

Senate Majority Leader Bruno, LOB Room 909, Albany, NY 12247

††††††††††† 518-455-3191†† Email to

Senator John Flanagan, Chair, Senate Election Cmte, LOB Room 817, Albany, NY 12247

518-455-2071 or 631-361-2154Email to
Speaker of the
Assembly Silver, LOB Room 932, Albany, NY 12248

518-455-3791 or 212-312-1420††† Email to

Assemblyman Wright, Chair, Assembly Election Cmte, LOB Room 749, Albany, NY 12248

†††††††††† 518-455-4793 or 212-866-5809†† Email to


*A6503 requires paper ballots marked by hand, or accessible ballot-marking devices for voters with disabilities or non-English languages, and precinct-count optical scanners to alert voters to errors on the ballot before it is cast. More


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