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 on new evidence of election fraud!


On Aug. 14, 2007, "Dan Rather Reports" revealed new evidence:


·        Sequoia used paper known to be defective to print punchcard ballots for Palm Beach county in November, 2000, and instructed their employees to prepare the ballots in a defective manner. This caused the "hanging chads" that prevented thousands of votes from being counted, and was used to persuade Congress to replace paper-based ballots with invisible electronic ballots, courtesy of the Help America Vote Act in passed in 2002.


·        ES&S delivered thousands of touchscreen voting machines (“DREs”)  knowing that 30-40% had defective touchscreens. Their machines were used in the Christine Jennings race in Florida, November, 2006, where 18,000 votes were lost.


Archived program: www.hd.net/drr227.html

VoterAction calls for Congressional Investigation: www.voteraction.org/release.html

Sequoia Fails to Answer Questions: www.bradblog.com/?p=4998

All links: www.wheresthepaper.org/news.html#DanRather


Dan Rather concludes by challenging our government to take action:


"We tried to get answers tonight. But, unlike Congress or prosecutors, we aren't armed with subpoena power. We can't force companies to prove that they take concerns about their machines and their ballots seriously. The message is ‘Trust us,’ but the information we have been able to obtain suggests that trust has not been earned and that voting machines warrant, in fact, much closer scrutiny than they have received so far."


Tell Congress:

Investigate Dan Rather’s evidence, and ban DREs!


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Lookup fax - Representatives: www.house.gov/house/MemberWWW.shtml

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WheresThePaper urges all Americans to watch the program, and demand that Congress act by investigating the new evidence! Demand that Congress ban electronic voting machines (touchscreens, aka "DREs" or "Direct Recording Electronic" voting machines), because invisible, secret procedures can never be trusted!


"Voter confidence" has to be based on observed handling of votes and vote-counting. Voter-marked paper ballots enable voters to directly observe their own votes, and enable ballot-handling and counting to be observed as well as filmed with feeds to the internet.


Paper-based election technology is understandable to all, easily observed by citizens, and easily manageable to our local election administrators.


Invisible electronic ballots are an invitation to fraud! The computer screen and paper trail are placebos because neither is counted to determine election tallies. Most voters can't verify the paper trail http://chil.rice.edu/research/pdf/EverettDissertation.pdf, and vendors have delivered such shoddy printers that many paper trails are unreadable.


Most American election administrators are neither interested in, nor capable of, managing computer security. The recent scandals in California show that private vendors are not the proper guardians of democracy -- they have delivered defective, illegal equipment, and local election administrators were none the wiser. Still local election directors across America say they don't need more security procedures because they "trust" computers!


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