Why am I considering running for Congress?

My name is Clint Curtis. I am considering running for the U.S. House of Representatives in Florida's 24th Congressional District. This great district is currently represented by one of the most corrupt politicians in history. Having personally attended closed-door meetings where Tom Feeney spoke candidly about his aspirations of corruption forces me to provide this district with an alternative to this man. I will need your help.

I can promise you that:

- My vote will not be for sale
- I will not accept ³questionable donations²
- I will never protect companies that are spying for Communist China nor any other country
- I will not take trips on lobbyist money
- I will not accept money from foreign governments
- I will return honesty and integrity to the 24th congressional office.

I have put my name and reputation on the line to do so for several years. Speaking to the press, law-enforcement officials and even members of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee -- under oath and on video tape! Now I am putting my name on the line as a candidate against Mr. Feeney, since I believe in putting my money where my mouth is to help clean up our great nation and our district.

Mr. Feeney is deeply involved with individuals like super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff and has been an essential element in this unprecedented decade of corruption. Listening to Mr. Feeney has convinced me that he never met a vote he wouldn¹t sell or a law he wouldn¹t side-step. District 24 is a conservative area that deserves a conservative alternative to reelecting a corrupt congressman. Since Mr. Feeney personally designed the boundaries of this district for himself when he was Florida House Speaker, it will take a conservative Democrat to break his hold over its citizens.

I am running because America¹s democracy demands that Americans know that their vote will actually count and that elections must not be pre-determined by electronic voting machines. Mr. Feeney believes that elections are nothing but sporting events. He believes it is acceptable to fix elections through voting machines, suppressing the vote through all type of creative methods, or in simply letting those in power declare a winner regardless of the vote outcome as he attempted to do in the 2000 Election. Mr. Feeney is a big believer in a Communist form of democracy -- where elections are pre-determined and validity is based on the ³Trust Us² theory.

As Stalin is infamously quoted as having said, and as Mr. Feeney's actions would seem to support: "The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything."

I humbly -- and wholeheartedly -- disagree.

The citizens of this district and this country deserve the following, all of which Mr. Feeney's career as a politician and lobbyist belie:

*    Energy independence (which is already possible today) ­ Right now we just talk about it instead of doing it.

*    Health Care without being forced into sub-standard socialized medicine

*    Guaranteed social security benefits without the threat of having their retirement benefits raided

*    ALL businesses to have the ability to gain government contracts ­ not just limited to large campaign contributors selected by those in power.

*    To not have their congressman associate, protect, and provide companies with high security clearances when they or their employees are engaged in espionage activities.

*    To not have their jobs or technologies given to Communist China.

*    To know that their congressman is working on their behalf, not just finding new deals to line his pockets.

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