Get the advantages* of electronic voting

with less cost and less risk


Choose PBOS

(Paper Ballots, precinct-based Optical Scanners, and

ballot-marking devices for voters with disabilities or minority languages)


1. Cost-effective

a. Purchase cost is one-third

b. Transition/continuing cost is lower because one-third or fewer PBOS units are needed

c. Equipment lasts two to four times longer

d. Minimal voter and poll-worker training

e. Lower operational cost -- PBOS equipment is easily programmed/maintained by bipartisan

    BOE staff, so vendors won’t have to do the work. (The secret software in evote systems means

    that only the vendor knows their own system, only they can provide technical help, and they

    can gouge the counties with high prices because no other company can do the work.)


2. Reliable voting

a. Optical Scanners have a long life with minimal problems – and if questions arise you have

    real paper ballots marked directly by voters for hand-counts or counts by another opscan unit.

b. Evote systems have frequent failures/vote-switching problems. The “voter-verifiable” printout

    is tiny and difficult to read/verify for voters, & hard to handle/read for manual recounts


3. Auditable

a. It’s easy to handle, read and re-count paper ballots


4. Accessible

a. Ballot-marking devices enable voters with disabilities or language minorities to vote

    privately and independently. Available products: Avante Vote Trakker, AutoMark, Vote-PAD


5. Encourages voter confidence

a. Real paper ballots are marked directly by voters, as easy as a lottery ticket

b. Observers can witness election procedures/vote-counting, and prevent tampering


    1) Voters can never view their own legal ballot in the electronic circuits

    2) ERMA, New York’s new law, allows a 97% secret unobservable vote count

    3) No one knows what the equipment is doing except the vendor

    4) BOEs cannot uphold their responsibility to conduct elections because vendors do the work

    5) Computer security is impossible to achieve (40 million MasterCards compromised in 2005,

        FBI: 87% of organizations had security incidents in 2005, 44% had intrusions by insiders)

    6) Communications capability in evoting systems allows tampering by anyone in the world


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Documentation for these points:

*Quick election-day results; accessibility to voters with disabilities and language minorities