Celia Wu


Testimony before the Election Commissioners of New York City


Several important scholars and scientists are now calling for a federal moratorium on electronic voting machines. I believe that New York City should not spend millions of dollars to purchase new electronic voting machines that may be outlawed before they are put into use in 2008.


If we must replace our mechanical lever voting machines in 2007, we should opt for the most low-tech solution available to us, which is paper ballots, optical scanners, and ballot marking devices for voters with special needs.


I am submitting with my short testimony a copy of a report that has just come out on what happened in the election on Tuesday, November 7, 2006. The report is “Clear Evidence 2006 Election Hacked” by Rob Kall, OpEd News.*  The report focuses on results from scientific exit polls, compared with the official results of the election.


I urge you to protect New York City from the kind of chaos and disrespect that have clouded the elections of other jurisdictions. Please read this report, and please do not buy electronic voting machines, DREs, for New York City.


* http://www.opednews.com/maxwrite/print_friendly.php?p=genera_rob_kall_061117_clear_evidence_2006_.htm