Voting Machines Hearing - New York City Board of Elections

42 Broadway, 6th Floor

Tuesday, November 21, 2006, 4:00 P.M.


Testimony of: Catherine Skopic


Thank you for providing this opportunity for us to speak to you today on the important issue of voting machine selection.


I strongly feel that the lever voting machines presently in use are the best machines we could use for several reasons:


1.     The lever voting machines are the most tamper-proof.

2.     The lever voting machines have voter confidence.

3.     The lever voting machines track the number of voters.

4.     Power outages do not cause loss of voter tabulation.

5.     The lever machines were built to last over 100 years.

6.     We successfully manage their storage, delivery, maintenance and use.

7.     By keeping what we already have that works, we save money --estimates range from $30 to $120 million in cost for new machines that donít work as effectively as what we have now.


We have all heard reports from varying states across the country of failing computer voting machines, and we donít want that the happen here.


Second to what we have now -- the lever voting machines -- paper ballots and optical scanners are the most reliable. I ask you, our Election Commissioners of New York City, to adopt paper ballots and optical scanners, if and when we have to change from the lever machines we have now.


Thank you.