New Electronic Voting Machines Will Not be in Place for '07 Elections



April 26, 2007 - 5:54PM


New York State has already missed the 2006 election deadline to put in new electronic voting machines and the machines won’t be in place for the 2007 elections. Now a spokesman for the State Board Of Elections says they're not certain the replacements for the old lever machines will even make it in time for the 2008 Presidential elections. Board public information officer Lee Daghlian tells CBS 6 News that while the state is trying to comply with the Help America Vote Act by installing electronic voting machines. The testing and certification process is taking longer than hoped. Daghlian said it is possible the new machines might not be ready for the 2008 elections, but that the State is working to have the machines in place by then. Albany County Elections Commissioner John Graziano said he was not surprised by the prospect of missing the big election and that the board is a ‘nervous wreck’ over the prospect. Liberty Elections Systems of Albany is one of six companies being tested by the state this summer as possible choices for the new voting process. State officials say a decision could come by the end of this year.