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Assumption of Sequoia’s contract by Dominion Voting a win-win for Sequoia, Dominion and New York State’s ImageCast customers



ALBANY, NY – July 16, 2009 – Sequoia Voting Systems and Dominion Voting Systems have signed an agreement this week that assigns Sequoia’s contract with the State of New York for the purchase of voting equipment and related services to Dominion Voting, with Dominion assuming all of Sequoia’s obligations under the contract.


Financial details of this transaction are not being disclosed by the parties; however both Sequoia and Dominion are pleased with the outcome of this agreement.


“We are very pleased to have completed this transaction with Dominion Voting,” said Jack A.  Blaine, chief executive officer of Sequoia Voting Systems. “Sequoia has worked with Dominion - our New York subcontractor and the developer of the ImageCast – for three years, including managing the complex and involved initial implementation of the New York State voting system project.  As a result, Dominion is well-qualified to successfully complete the next phase of the project to provide the State of New York with a transparently accurate, HAVA compliant paper- based voting system.” 


Both Sequoia and Dominion Voting agree that having a single contact point with the State of New York will most effectively allow for the continued high level of customer service to New York’s ImageCast customers for the balance of the project.


“Dominion Voting is excited to be announcing this transition. Together with Sequoia we are proud of our work with county and state election boards and other New York State election stakeholders such as New York State Independent Living Centers (NYSILC) and New Yorkers for Verified Voting (NYVV), and remain committed to New York,” said John Poulos, chief executive officer of Dominion Voting Systems. “We look forward to continuing our close relationship with our New York State customers and providing the highest levels of customer service for the long-term.”


As a result of this agreement, Dominion Voting will acquire Sequoia’s offices in Jamestown, New York.  Additionally, several of Sequoia’s New York employees who currently serve New York State customers will be moving to Dominion to further ensure a smooth transition, while the remainder of Sequoia’s Jamestown-based employees will be relocated to other Sequoia offices.


New York State Board of Elections co-chair Doug Kellner agrees that this transaction is not only good for Sequoia and Dominion, but is good for New York State.


“I am very pleased with Sequoia and Dominion's commitment to complete certification of the ImageCast ballot scanning system which incorporates state-of-the-art scanning technology.  New York has the most rigorous testing standards in the nation, including compliance with the 2005 Voluntary Voting System Guidelines as well as additional voting integrity standards.  I am also pleased that Dominion has made all of its source code available for review to the New York State Board of Elections and its Citizens’ Election Modernization Advisory Committee, and has indicated that it will continue use of New York subcontractors for the manufacture, assembly and support of its system, ” said Kellner. 


“We are very proud of our role in helping New York State to modernize its voting equipment and we are now even better positioned to serve our current customers who use Sequoia-developed equipment throughout 16 states and the District of Columbia,” said Blaine. “This will also allow us to expedite our innovative new product development activities for both the US and international marketplace.  All of us at Sequoia wish Dominion and New York State a smooth and successful continuation of this project,” said Blaine.


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