Bo Lipari Reports, 9/23/05



The State Board of Elections is expected to announce formation of the Voting Systems Citizens Advisory Task Force at their October 3rd meeting. 


The ERMA law does not call for a representative body. There will be 10 members total:

4 appointees from the Board of Elections,

4 accessibility advocates,

1 appointment by The Assembly, and

1 appointment by the Senate.


The Task Force has 45 days to make recommendations to the State Board before certification begins, but the committee's role is only advisory role, and has no binding power.


NYVV has learned that two of the appointees from the BOE are Reggie Lafayette (D - Westchester County) and Bill Scriber (D - Oswego County). Both are fiercely opposed to optical scanners. Commissioner Scriber is one of the authors of the flawed Election Commissioner Association report which NYVV rebutted (