Bo Lipari report, 5/26/05


Sequoia is mounting an all out counter offensive here in New York against NYVV and our support of optical scan systems.


They are spreading out with their lobbyists and sales reps to state and county legislators, newspaper editorial boards, election officials and others, telling them that NYVV is spreading lies about optical scan systems.  Of course, it is not NYVV who is spreading lies.


Sequoia has infinitely more resources than NYVV has, and they are eroding some of the gains we have made in support on optical scan. We are doing what we can to counter them, but it is a challenge to reach all the individuals they have.


Sequoia is distributing two documents to legislators, news organizations, and election officials around New York State:

Correcting Fallacies about Voting Technology Options for New York ,

Weighing the Fiscal Impact for HAVA Compliance in New York State, which is a highly inaccurate and misleading acquisition cost estimate


Our rebuttal is CorrectingSequoia.pdf . Please let me know if there is anything you can add to our arguments.