Bo Lipari report, 5/1/05


Paper Ballots for NY - Call the HAVA conference committee (one more time)


After four weeks of inaction, the HAVA conference committee has finally agreed to meet again. Last week, the Senate signed the certificate reauthorizing the conference committee, and they are expected to meet early this week to resolve the outstanding issues - voter verification and voting machines.


Even with strong support for Paper Ballots/Optical Scan (PBOS) system among many  members, the HAVA conference committee seems reluctant to call for outright adoption of this highly reliable, auditable, accessible, and cost effective voting system. But by not requiring it now, the committee will essentially punt the voting machine decision to the State Board of Elections. And if that happens, we're facing many more months of fighting to keep touch screen voting machines out of our polling places.


So, I'm asking you to call each of the ten members of the conference committee early this week and tell them that New Yorkers want to vote on paper ballots and precinct based optical scanners.


--Call them and tell them to adopt PBOS, saving New York over 116 million dollars in acquisition costs.


--Call them and tell them to adopt PBOS, so that we have paper ballots for recounts, and won't have to rely on flawed, unauditable touch screen machines.


--Call them and tell them to adopt PBOS, so that NY will have a proven voting system that is used in 30% of the counties in the US, and will last 15+ years without need for replacement.


Even if you've called or written before, please do so again. Call as early in the week as you can, as a decision may be reached within the next few days.


We're going to continue our fight for reliable voting equipment no matter what happens, but right now, for the HAVA conference committee and our Paper Ballots for NY campaign this is our last chance, last dance.


Phone numbers are below. Please call today.



Bo Lipari


The Senate Members:


John J. Flanagan, Chair, Senate Elections Committee



Nicholas Spano



Serphin Maltese



Martin Dilan



George Maziarz

Phone: 518-455-2024


The Assembly Members:


Keith Wright, Chair, Assembly Election Law Committee



RoAnn Destito



Kevin Cahill



Helene Weinstein



Fred W. Thiele Jr.