Bo Lipari report, 5/1/05



NYVV has been gathering data about paper ballot printing costs and conducting a survey of states using precinct based optical scan systems.


For the paper ballot printing costs, we contacted authorized ballot printers and optical scan vendors to understand the precise technical specifications of optical scan ballots. We also received a sample quote for Schenectady county from Dayton Legal Blank, a large ballot printer in Ohio. The data in this report shows that New York would pay no more than 29 per ballot, and based on prices obtained in other states, could easily be as low as 10 or 12 per ballot for a large state such as ours.


We are conducting a survey of states using precinct based optical scan. While this survey is not yet complete, we have obtained very revealing results about reliability, training costs, and usage of that dispels some of the misinformation circulating about optical scan systems in New York.


These documents are part of the information packet we will be handing out at the Board of Elections conference in Syracuse on Tuesday, May 3.



Bo Lipari