Bo Lipari report, 4/18/05



Lots happening around New York State in our Paper Ballot/Optical Scan (PBOS) campaign. Here is an update on what's going on, and current actions you need to take.


We have made a huge amount of progress in our struggle for PBOS, but we're not done yet. Please keep up your efforts and get your friends, neighbors and families to join us in calling, contacting and meeting with state and county legislators and election officials.


Thanks to everyone for your efforts!


-Bo Lipari



HAVA conference committee



As of today, 4/18/05, there is no scheduled conference committee meeting.  The last meeting was on March 23, almost a month ago. The Senate has refused to sign the assembly's certificate authorizing the continuation of the committee.  There has been a back and forth between the two houses over when and how the certificate should be extended with the senate making a series of demands, the most recent of which was that the assembly pass the database and complaint procedure bills that have been agreed upon.  The Assembly has promised to move the bills through the Ways and Means Committee next week and to the floor for a vote after that.  However, the senate still refuses to come to the table.


Assemblyman Keith Wright issued a press release calling on the senate to reconvene the conference committee, and to "stop dragging their feet." Included in the release was a letter from Wright to Flanagan dated April 4th asking him to reactivate the committee and work toward a final package.


The outstanding issues that the conference committee has to deal with are voting machines, and voter verification (verification of voter identity as a prerequisite for registering to vote). We seem to have won solid support for precinct based optical scan systems in the Assembly, but the Senate support does not yet seem to be there (although individual Senators often tell us they like the optical scan alternative).


Whether the HAVA conference committee will pass legislation requiring paper ballots and optical scan is still an open question. We hope that the Senate committee members will get behind optical scan.


This week, give the HAVA conference committee members (especially the Senators) a call and remind them that New Yorkers want paper ballots!



NYVV releases acquisition cost comparison



On April 13, 2005, New Yorkers for Verified Voting released an Acquisition Cost Analysis comparing the purchase costs of DREs vs. Optical Scan systems for all counties in New York State.


The analysis shows the following Acquisition costs:


Electronic voting machines (DREs):                         $230,473,000


Paper Ballots & Precinct based Optical Scan:         $114,423,640


Cost SAVINGS from Optical Scan:                          $116,049,360


You can download a copy here:

Let's get this circulating among all the local and state legislators and election commissioners.



Support Bill A6503, Urge Senate companion bill



The new "Scan and Be Sure" bill introduced by Assemblywomen Sandy Galef and Barbara Lifton, A6503,  would mandate the use of paper ballots and precinct-count optical scanners. We need the NY State Senate to introduce and pass a companion Scan and Be Sure bill.


Call your state senator and tell them about the advantages of optical scan - the reliability, the paper ballots, the cost savings! Send them the link to New Yorkers for Verified Voting's acquisition cost analysis. We don't want electronic voting, and we can't afford it!


Then call your state assembly member. Tell them the same thing, and send the link. Tell them to cosponsor and support the Scan and Be Sure bill, A6503.


To look up your state legislators, go to: - statelegislator


Newspapers continue to endorse PBOS!


More and more newspapers are coming out with endorsements for paper ballots and optical scan. This Sunday, the Syracuse Post Standard became the latest major New York State newspaper to endorse PBOS.


Please contact the editorial boards of your local paper to arrange a meeting to discuss paper ballots and optical scan. Contact me if you'd like help with the presentation.


Here's a list of recent endorsements:


Syracuse Post-Standard  - 4/17/05


Elmira Star Gazette - 3/29/05


Troy Record -  - 3/20/05


Eagle Regional Newspapers - 3/20/05

An editorial endorsing paper ballots and optical scan  appeared in the Eagle regional papers in Chittenango, Canastota, and in the Oneida Press on March 30, 2005. We currently do not have an online link to the endorsement.


New York Times  - 3/9/05


New York Daily News - 3/9/05



Town And County Resolutions



There are now several towns and counties that have passed resolutions calling for paper ballot and optical scan. Getting towns and counties to call for optical scan is an important part of our strategy. I've been making presentations with local citizens to counties around the state as part of this effort. Please contact me ( and let's get working on one in your county or town!


Meetings with county officials can get important media coverage. Here's an article from Otsego County where we presented to the IGA committee:

We have several counties now working on passing resolutions. Here is the current list of optical scan resolutions which have passed:


Tompkins County


Schuyler County (No link yet)


Putnam County


Greenburgh Town Board


Philipstown Town Board (No link yet)



Help Wanted


The more successful we've been, the more work we have to do. We need to enlist some people who are willing to commit several hours a week to helping us with the many different tasks we need to get done. Let me know if you can help out with any of the following:


1) Web master - Keeping our NYVV website up to date is very important, but hard to do with so much going on. We need an experienced web master who can help us post information in a timely fashion, and to rework our site to add some planned improvements.


2) Researchers - We are gathering data from counties around the US using optical scan systems. We need individuals willing to make long distance calls and interview election officials about their experiences with optical scan.


3) Voting Equipment specialists - We want to develop a core of specialists who know everything there is to know about the different voting machines being offered to New York. You'll need a technical background, the ability to analyze technical specifications, and a modest writing ability to compile reports on the machines.


If you can volunteer for any of the work above, please let me know at