Bo Lipari report, 3/18/05


Increasing media coverage and support, endorsements from major organizations like the League of Women Voters NYS, and the work of local advocates all around New York State have brought paper ballots and optical scanners to the table as an alternative to DREs.


We're starting to reach critical mass in the movement to adopt PBOS, and we have a lot of momentum on our side. But we are still battling against influential lobbyists, who putting a big effort into DRE adoption. The next few weeks will be critical. PBOS is now talked about by the HAVA conference committee and everyone else thinking about the voting machine choices. Now we have to let them know the depth of popular support for this equipment choice.


Here's some notes on what's coming up this week. The HAVA conference committee will be meeting again, and a voting machine demonstration will be held in the Well in the LOB on Wednesday, 3/23. We've got to keep building on the great momentum we've got, so please get your networks actively involved next week .


1) Next week - Action Alert - Contact Legislators to Adopt PBOS! Next week we're planning a large contact-your-legislator campaign, coordinated with action alerts going out from state and national organizations. The goal is to put together a large outpouring of constituents contacting their local Assembly and Senate reps in support of PBOS adoption. I'll be sending out the NYVV alert on Monday.


2) In another piece of good news, this week Assemblywomen Sandy Galef and Barbara Lifton introduced bill A06503, calling for adoption of PBOS. Sandy and Barbara have been key allies helping spread the word about PBOS in Albany. You can find the bill summary, cosponsor list and a link to the text here:


3) VOLUNTEERS  NEEDED IN ALBANY 3/23 for Lobby/Machine Demo Day - Next Wednesday, March 23, a demonstration of voting machines is scheduled to be held in the lobby of the LOB in Albany. New Yorkers for Verified Voting has also been invited to have setup a table. This will be an opportunity to make the case for PBOS to many legislators, and talk to them about the downsides of DREs, that the sales reps will not be doing.


We need people from our network to come to Albany that day and help us man the NYVV table, hand out materials, visit their representatives, and talk with everyone trying out the machines to circulate our message about PBOS.  Let me know if you can come and help out and get the word out to your networks. I'll be sending an email announcement to the full NYVV list shortly.


4) In addition to our work in Albany, we need to educate county legislators and election officials about the benefits of PBOS.  Please have your networks set up meetings and presentations to local county officials.  Depending on the day, I may be able do part of the presentation with your group.