New Release-May 9, 2005



ES&S AutoMARK completes FEC testing, awaits Federal Certification final reports



Automark Technical Systems, LLC ("AutoMARK") recently announced that its lead product, the ES & S AutoMARK, has successfully completed all tests for Federal Certification under the 2002 Federal Election Commissions Voting System Standards. Final reports are now being prepared by the independent testing authorities for final submission.  Eugene M. Cummings, President, also announced that, as part of the testing process, the ES & S AutoMARK underwent an extensive Accessibility review, Safety review, RFI testing, endurance testing, and functional tests.



Eugene Cummings stated "We are proud of the progress that has been made to date and are confident that we will shortly complete the federal certification process.  As a result of the confidence in our position, we have stepped up our manufacturing pace, as well as the ordering of long lead time parts, in order to ensure timely delivery of orders."


The ES & S AutoMARK is a break through technology that allows for leading handicap accessibility while at the same time preserving the integrity of the marked paper ballot.  Indeed, there is no other product known to exist that can mark a "No Name On Ballot" form, i.e., a traditional optical scan ballot that has no candidate names printed on the form in order to preserve voter privacy, nor is there any other known product that can read a marked ballot back to a sight impaired voter so that they can confirm that the ballot was marked in accordance with their intentions.  The ES & S AutoMARK also supports a full range of foreign language options, including among others, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Creole, Tagalog and Vietnamese


AutoMARK Technical Systems, LLC is a privately owned company based in Chicago, Illinois and may be contacted at 630-916-0030.