November 20, 2006
My name is Ann Eagan. I am a member of the West Queens Greens, a local of the Green Party of New York State.  Our national Green Party ran a candidate in the last presidential election in 2004.  The Greens, along with the Libertarian Party, gathered enough funds around the country to conduct an investigation of that election in Ohio.  Many, many discrepancies were found. There have been a number of books actually written about this election by authors who were not part of the Greens.
The Greens here in New York State, therefore, want to have a transparent election system, and nothing else.  
We do not want New York State to jump into electronic voting machines like other states have. We want to be able to vote with sufficient time in the booth, and to have paper ballots that are simple and marked directly by each voter, whether by hand or by an accessible ballot marking device for voters with disabilities or minority languages.
I am not only a representative of a political party, but a tax-paying citizen. I do not want my tax money to be used to purchase electronic voting machines.
Please listen to the people who have so much at stake in the elections to come for a long time.
Ann Eagan