Adele Bender


January 29, 2007



Thank you for this opportunity to provide testimony.


Democracy is so important, we should not risk it by putting other concerns ahead of it.


Other concerns might be convenience or quick results or being modern or using the latest fancy computer.


It is more important for each voter to be able to make their choices in a way that everyone understands. It is more important for each voter to know that their ballot reflects their intent.


I believe that this cannot happen with an electronic voting machine, since most of us donít understand computers, and we canít observe our own ballot inside the computer.


The paper trail on electronic voting machines will only be used for a 3% spot-check, and we donít know how many voters will be able to verify it accurately, or how many will be rushing and just assume that it is correct.


A ballot that is filled out by the voter's own hand or by a ballot-marking device is more likely to be understood and to be accurate.


For these reasons I urge you to pass Resolution 131 out of committee and to work for its unanimous passing vote in the City Council. We need this resolution to urge our City Board of Elections to select an optical scanner system, and not a DRE system, for New York City.


Thank you.