Teresa Hommel

Chair, Task Force on Election Integrity, Community Church of New York



New York State Board of Elections

40 Steuben Street

Albany, NY 12207-2108


Comment on Draft Voting Systems Standards

Section 6209.7 Modifications and Re-examination





C. Prospective modification shall be reviewed by the State Board or by an examiner or

laboratory of the Board's choice in accordance with the fee schedule established by section

7-201 of the Election Law.


D. Upon completion of a review of such prospective modification, the State Board may

cause a re-examination of the entire voting system, or within its discretion, grant

continuation of certification pursuant to the provisions of section 7-201 of the Election Law.



C. The Vendor shall make the prospective modification upon the Escrow System, and the State Board shall cause the Escrow System to go through the certification process, including all tests performed for its original certification.


D. Upon successful completion of all tests for re-certification, the modification may be made upon voting systems of the same type in possession of County Boards.


E. In each county where the modification has been made on voting systems, within five business days after completion of modifications, ten percent of such modified voting systems shall be chosen by random selection process and these selected voting systems shall be compared to the Escrow System of their type.


            1. If any county has fewer than ten voting systems of the modified type, one system shall be chosen by random selection process from those modified.


            2. The County Board shall post public notice at the office of the County Board for a minimum of five days prior to the random selection process. The County Board shall provide notice of the random selection process a minimum of four days in advance by mail, telephone, and email to the heads of all recognized political parties in the county.


            3. The random selection process shall be conducted in public before any member of the public who may wish to attend and observe.


            4. The State Board shall compare the selected voting systems to the Escrow System of their type with regard to all components on the Escrow Component List to determine that the modified voting systems are identical to the Escrow System of their type.


            5. If any selected voting system is not identical to the Escrow System of its type, the State Board shall immediately rescind the certification of that voting system.